Preventative Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure you are providing your pet with the right tools to maintain good health.

Staples of preventative medicine include the following:

Vaccinations – start puppies as early as 6 weeks and vaccinate adults annually.

Deworm – Intestinal parasites are not only dangerous to your pet’s health, but some can be transmitted to humans (especially children) as well.

Heartworm Prevention – Heartworms can be deadly and costly to treat. Every pet should receive a heartworm preventative every month for its entire life. To learn more about the dangers of Heartworm Click Here

Spay/Neuter – This routine procedure not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but it also reduces the risk of cancer (mammary, ovarian, and prostate) later in your pet’s life.

Dental Care – Routine dental care is one of the most commonly forgotten procedures. Proper dental care will keep your pet feeling their best, help extend their life, and get rid of that stinky breath!