When your pet needs surgery, you need your pet in the hands of a skilled surgeon that you trust.

Spay/Neuter – This is a crucial part of keeping your pet healthy and decreasing pet overpopulation.

Orthopedic – A wide variety of orthopedic procedures are offered at the Northside Veterinary Hospital. Bone fractures are what people commonly think of, but this is just the beginning. Luxating patellas, cruciate tears, and hip luxations can all be fixed with proper orthopedic procedures.

Mass removal – Those little lumps and bumps can often be worrisome. To find out if a mass is cancerous, the mass can be removed and sent off to the diagnostic labs for analysis. Rest easy knowing what you are dealing with.

Intestinal surgeries – Sometimes our furry friends have eyes bigger than their stomachs. When your pet ingests something that won’t pass normally through the digestive system (socks, rubber balls, even pennies), intestinal surgery may be needed to remove that object before it makes your pet ill.

Misc – Cherry eye repair, entropion repair, declaws, and even tonsillectomies can be performed at the Northside Veterinary Hospital.

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